Core Values & Mission

CLEVELAND-HARRIS THEATRE COMPANY seeks to create a more just, equitable society through the use of theatre, performance, storytelling, and public imagination. We believe that these practices create meaningful change.

Our mission is to explore, create, and share stories that reflect the complexity of our society and world. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can feel welcome, respected, and celebrated. We believe that theatre and performance brings people together and fosters meaningful dialogue and understanding between Queer, Trans, BIPOC and other marginalized communities through shared and unshared experience. We are committed to inspiring empathy, advocacy, and collective empowerment in Minneapolis and across the country through artistic practice.

Company projects are rooted in our core values.

  • We believe all social change is rooted in the capacity to imagine new worlds, as well as cultural, socio-political, and economic systems.
  • We harness the power of arts & culture to transcend the tyranny of the possible and imagine new ways forward.
  • We collaborate with all identities, but center the experiences of queer and other historically marginalized individuals and communities. We believe the full realm of human experience can be realized in the experiences of queer people.
  • We value art & culture. Art and cultural experiences inspire empathy —  a seed for action, solidarity, and community building.
  • We value interdisciplinary collaboration. When artists, activists, educators, practitioners, and innovators collaborate across fields; they bring dynamic insights and create projects with sustainable impact.
  • We value imagination. All social change is rooted in the capacity to envision alternatives to existing social, cultural, political, and economic systems.

Our projects center narratives connected to individuals/communities that identify as:

  • Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American Pacific Islander and/or POC
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and/or Asexual
  • Women (inclusive of Transgender women)
  • Disabled
  • Immigrant and/or Undocumented
  • Historically underrepresented and/or vulnerable groups